New Patients in Our Chiropractic Office

When you first arrive at our office, we will have you fill out the paperwork that tells us about your medical history and what you are seeking help for at this time.

When we have that information, we’ll educate you a bit so you can work with us as we determine exactly what help you need. We’ll show you a video and instruct you on what chiropractic is and what it can do for you.

Then, you will talk with one of our highly-trained and experienced chiropractors. They will ask you what health problems you are suffering from, what you may have done already to try to resolve them and what results you have or have not seen.

Your chiropractor will then run some tests to determine what treatment can help you. We have been able to resolve problems that have plagued patients for years, that no other doctor has been able to help them with.

All our doctors have been carefully and thoroughly trained by Dr. Chris Wertin on the fastest and most accurate way to determine the root cause of a body’s non-resolving health issues. They’ve also learned a relatively rapid method of correcting that problem so the patient’s pain resolves and normal function returns.

We will not impose our recommendations on you or insist that you follow them. We will tell you exactly what we feel we can do for you and how we will do it. The choice is then yours. We respect a patient’s right to make their own healthcare decisions.

About Insurance

We accept Medicare and Blue Cross Blue Shield. We will help you take advantage of your coverage by filing your claims for you.

Payment Methods

We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards. Our patients can also lower their costs by enrolling with ChiroHealthUSA.

Downloadable Forms

Please download our New Patient forms, print them and fill them out before you arrive. Bringing these completed forms with you will save you time during your first visit.

New Patient Forms

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