At Advanced Chiropractic Services, we know from extensive experience that chiropractic care for babies—even newborns—is one of the best ways to give your baby a good start in life. Using the gentlest possible touch, our chiropractors can remove nerve interference that could prevent your baby from thriving.

Chiropractor for Infants

An adjustment for a baby involves a very gentle, light pressure like you would use to check the ripeness of a tomato. That’s all that’s needed to restore proper nerve flow and motion to joints. The chiropractors at Advanced Chiropractic Services are trained and experienced in providing these specialized adjustments to infants.

Newborn Chiropractic Adjustment

Birth is a traumatic event for newborns. Gentle adjustments to the neck and spine can restore proper nerve flow and enable the baby to relax, sleep and feed normally. Simply restoring balance and free movement in the joints allows a newborn to thrive as they start their new life. We encourage parents to bring their newborns to our offices. We’ve had hundreds of parents bring their new babies in on the way home from the hospital to make sure the baby was fine and Mom, too.

Benefits of Chiropractic for Babies

Many of the problems that interrupt the calm and health of an infant may be resolved with simple chiropractic adjustments, including:

  • Poor sleep
  • Difficulty breastfeeding
  • Digestive upsets

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