From Our Patients

I Am Living My Life Again

I am overjoyed by the improvement Dr. Chris has made in my back. When I retired ten years ago my lower back really started hurting. I was a waitress and when I quit work I wasn’t getting any exercise and gained a lot of weight. I thought that was my problem but I learned to live with it. I didn’t want pain meds.

My daughter, her son and daughter all came to see Dr. Chris so she talked me into seeing him. I will forever be so grateful she did because he told me it wasn’t my back at all. I had a twisted pelvis which he fixed on my first visit. He is a miracle worker for sure!

A few more visits for adjustments and I am living my life again. I am so impressed with Dr. Chris and his staff. They are so sweet and informative. I highly recommend this practice! They get the job done!


I Am So Very Thankful

When I started my journey years ago with ACS, I was in such rough shape. you could say BAD shape. I was skeptical because so many of the medical doctors then had told me that I needed surgeries and basically could look forward to some improvement, but would always struggle with pain and discomfort for the rest of my life.

I started out in Valley Falls back in the day and after about 6 months of active treatments, I was feeling like a new person. I continued to keep up with maintenance visits until the Valley office closed down in which I started coming to the Holton office.

The care I received continued to be wonderful even though the doctor was different. I have comfort in knowing that as soon as I feel part of my body needing adjusted, I can call and get right in to see Dr. Eric, coming out from the visit feeling completely better. I am so very thankful to him for his care and compassion with my health. I will continue to receive my chiropractic care from this practice as well as tell all my friends.


The Improvement is AMAZING

I am 72 years old and have maintained an active lifestyle for most of my life. Walking, trips to the gym, and gardening.

I have been coming to Advanced Chiropractic off and on for about four years. The visits that I have made have definitely improved my quality of life and my ability to move.

About two years ago, I was involved in a minor car accident. After a few treatments, I was as good as new.

My latest treatment has to do with my falling and jamming my shoulder. Before I started treatment with Dr. Jessica, my right arm was pretty much in a stationary position and any movement in any direction caused a great deal of pain. I also had a mild concussion.

This occurred about two weeks ago and I feared that I would have to undergo rotator surgery and I was hopeful that Dr. Jessica could prevent that from happening.

After just two treatments, I was able to raise my arm straight up, to the side and to the back. I still have some discomfort with some movements, but the improvement is AMAZING.

Dr. Jessica told me that recovery would take four to six weeks. I am well on my way, and my concussion is no longer an issue.

No surgery! I am forever grateful to Advanced Chiropractic Services and I will continue my visits whenever necessary!


I Am Thrilled

I have had back problems for a long time, and was told I had bulging discs. Before coming to Advanced Chiropractic Services, I had gone to other chiropractors that did manipulation! After one treatment on my neck, I was so dizzy I could hardly walk. I decided I would rather live with the pain than have someone do that to me again! It really frightened me! Then my daughter went to Advanced Chiropractic Services and said I should give them a try! I was skeptical about going.

After one trip, I was sold on this treatment. Before the virus I was going once a month for a treatment just to keep everything in line. Since we are just now getting out a little bit I am thrilled how careful the staff is about keeping things clean and safe! I have told my sister about Dr. Eric and now she is also a regular patient. I enjoy seeing the staff and Dr. Eric. They are all very caring and make our visit enjoyable! Hope the three of them are here for a long time. And I thank them for always being there when I need them!

You Can Do No Better Than to Choose Dr. Wertin

I’ve been Dr. Wertin’s patient since 1991. Whether I was seeking treatment due to a running injury or getting a routine tune-up, Dr. Wertin has helped keep me healthy and active. If you’re seeking to recover, maintain or improve your overall health, then you can do no better than to choose Dr. Wertin or any of the other excellent chiropractors at Advanced Chiropractic Services.


My Back Is Better Than It’s Been in 5 Years!

I am a nurse practitioner, 62 years old, suffering from years of back spasms, low back pain with radiculopathy, hip pain, and diabetic neuropathy in feet. On muscle relaxers, twice daily NSAID’s and gabapentin twice daily, which also made me want to sleep and be sleepy during work.

I was told about Mary Huss by a patient. I had had chiropractic care in the past and knew there were good ones but didn’t know who to go to in Lawrence and didn’t want to go to the effort of trying 5 people until I got one that was good.

Well, Mary is great! I have now been free of gabapentin for 3 weeks, muscle relaxants for 2 weeks, and take NSAID’s about once every other day for my knees (bone on bone). My back is better than it’s been in 5 years. So glad my patient directed me here!

Thanks for all you do!


Treatment Diminished the Pain

Before I came I struggled with hip, lower back, and shoulder pain. The pain slowly got more frequent over the past two years. I enjoy walking and 5K races with a group of friends. After doing 3 of those races in the past 4 months I was really feeling more pain and incredibly sore lower back muscles and increased hip pain.

A co-worker highly recommended Dr. Mary. It is really a game changer for me. I was noticing a difference after the first visit. The treatment diminished the pain and soreness to eventually none in the past week. I really appreciate the kindness of the staff and the informative materials. Thank you Dr. Mary and staff.


They Get to the Bottom of the Problems

Everything is painless and they get to the bottom of the problems. I’ve been everywhere trying to get pain relief. Here’s where I found it. Dr. Chris Wertin is the best.


Never Felt So Good!

For years I dealt with excruciating pain, and had not found a reliable Chiropractor who was able to truly fix my back. My wife told me about the office and how wonderful they were. I decided I needed to go one morning after being unable to move my neck.

Dr. Kyle was very professional and knowledgeable, and has been able to fix me since that day. In fact, the first day I came in, he said it looked like I had been hit by a car. I walked out of that office feeling better than I had in 15 years and actually teared up.

I have to truly thank Dr. Kyle because after so many years and broken bones, I have never felt so good!


I Could See a Difference

I started here two weeks ago.

I couldn’t walk or sit for very long. I had burned down the back of my leg. Everything was miserable!

I even had three shots in my back before coming here.

After just three or four adjustments I could see a difference. I am still sore but much better. My problem has not come back!

This office is very clean, professional and upfront.

Dr. Chris is very honest about his care.


The Crushing 24/7 Headaches Have Diminished

During my first visit, I wish I had a dollar for every time Dr. Kyle said, “You got a lot goin’ on.” Indeed. Two herniated discs in my lower back were contributing to a twisted pelvis. I had a rib way out of whack. And to top it off, I have a rare, diagnosed headache condition.

Combined, 24/7/365 pain management has become a daily grind for the better part of 25 years for my discs and the severe, daily, chronic headache of more than 9 years is only controllable with prescription pain medication.

A nationally known headache specialist told me, “Nature brought it on and nature will have to take it away.” To date, I am still a work in progress, but in less than one month, Dr Kyle has been able to work through some scar tissue to provide much relief, greater flexibility and increased movement capabilities in my lower back.

My ribs feel much better. Most importantly to me, the crushing 24/7 headaches have diminished to the point where I have been able to cut my pain medications in half with great hope that I will be completely free of pain medication in the very near future for the first time since the headache began in 2011.


Everyone Here Is Amazing

I started having major lower back pain about a month ago. I talked to my dad and he suggested
Advanced Chiropractic. I made my appointment and ended up seeing Dr. Mary. Wow is all I can say! I went from a pain level of above 10 to today being pain free.

I am so blessed to have come here and will definitely tell everyone I come in contact with how amazing this place is. Everyone here is amazing and sweet and always so helpful!


I Would Come to Dr. Chris for Any of My Needs

I came to see Dr. Chris because I had bell palsy and I really didn’t know if he could help me or not.

After the first three sessions I was 100% better and now I am on a three week schedule with great hopes of being completely cured.

I would always come to Dr. Chris for any of my needs.


I will See Dr. Chris Now to Infinity

I came in here for neck pain that had been with me for several months. I also have been dealing with abdominal migraines for over three years. So, I mentioned this to Dr. Chris.

My neck pain is almost gone, only very occasionally does it bother me. I have noticed a great improvement in my stomach! I can eat more foods and I do not have pain all the time. The nausea I had is greatly reduced. It has made my life so much more enjoyable and normal. I am so thrilled and relieved, I could cry!

I will see Dr. Chris now to infinity so he can keep me and my stomach doing great! He said that the nerves to the stomach were totally pinched off so any messages from the brain were totally blocked! Well, let’s just say that the stomach operating without the brains help does not go very well.

I am elated! Thank you!


Saved my Back

I had been struggling with chronic lower back and hip pain for months and, after seeing multiple chiropractors, still had no relief for my constant pain.

That’s when I found Dr. Mary at ACS. They take a different approach to Chiropractic Wellness, which resulted in immediate improvement in my back and hip pain. After only a few months here, I am now largely pain-free.

I’m so glad that I found Dr. Mary and ACS. Their unique and holistic approach to Chiropractic Care saved my back in a way that no other chiropractor could.


I’m Forever Grateful

I came to receive chiropractic care as a last resort. I had been in merely constant pain in my elbows for a year and a half. I had gone to countless appointments to specialists looking at many different things that “may” be wrong, all with differing opinions.

It got to the point that my specialist said there was nothing else he could do, and said “Good luck…” As an athlete, gardener, wife and mother of a 2 year old, “Good luck” when I was unable to (after months of treatment) lift a soda can, hold my child, drive my car, pull my blanket over me, and any other basic chores, wasn’t going to work for me.

I’m in my 20’s and have had no major injuries, and I knew I couldn’t continue living in pain. A friend from work suggested I come to ACS and REALLY come, not just once and quit. I have now been coming for a couple of months and my pain is GONE! Dr Kyle and all the staff listened to me and validated my pain and frustration.

When I came, my pain level was intense enough that I had to use the handicap button on the door because I couldn’t stand to use my elbow. Now, I’m able to do as much as I want in the garden and play golf to exhaustion without any pain at all. I can be the wife and mom I want to be. One of the specialists had suggested I have surgery… I’m glad this was the route I chose. I’m forever grateful for the gift of my “normal” life back.

Thank you guys so much! Ok, enough writing, I have a tee time to get to. 🙂


Everyone Here is Amazing

I started having major lower back pain about a month ago. I talked to my dad and he suggested Advanced chiropractic. I made my appointment and ended up seeing Dr Mary.

Wow is all I can say. I went from a pain level of above ten to today being pain free. I am so blessed to have come here and will definitely tell everyone I come in contact with how amazing this place is.

Everyone here is amazing and sweet and always so helpful!


Dr. Chris Fixed Me!

I have had a recurring problem for many years. I have been to orthopedic surgeons, rheumatologists, neurologists and rehab on several occasions.

Dr. Chris is the only one who was able to help me. My last episode had us stumped. What had worked successfully before was not working. Once more, Dr. Chris is a genius! I had a dental problem. My bite was off which prevented my treatment from working. I would never had thought to go to the dentist if it weren’t for Dr. Chris.

So many, many thanks! And thanks to Dr. Kyle as well. He has helped me too!

I would also like to note that at one point in my life I was told that cells were dying in my legs due to some sort of medical condition. I was told nothing could be done and that by six months I would not be able to walk. Dr. Chris fixed me! I am walking!


They’re Always Able to Help Me Stop Hurting

The staff there is fantastic! As a competitive athlete, they’re always able to help me stop hurting and they’re kind about it.


I Was Amazed!

My daughter is five years old. She has struggled with urine incontinence both during the day and at night since we started potty training at the age of two. It was bad enough that it was causing problems at school and during any family activities.

We never went anywhere without several spare sets of clothes.

After one adjustment by Dr. Kyle, she has had no daytime incontinence and only occasional nighttime incontinence. I was amazed, and still am! It has taken stress off of us as parents going places and most importantly, it has boosted my five year old’s self esteem.


Great Care!

Thank you! I have experience with multiple other Chiropractic methods, most of which never quite got my back into shape.

I was surprised at how Dr. Kyle could slowly and very gently nudge my out of place rib back into place, with very little pain. My spine has also stayed aligned for weeks following the original few appointments.

In addition to the excellent Chiropractic care, the other staff members here are friendly and attentive. Thanks for the great care!


It Worked for Me!

I have had sciatica for almost a year. I had been in constant pain everyday. It was varying degrees of pain with no break from it. I tried exercises that my regular physician gave me but it didn’t help.

Someone recommended Dr. Chris so I decided to give it a try. This was my first time with a chiropractor.

After a couple of months I had improvement and had total relief after four months! I now endorse chiropractic 100%! It worked for me! All the staff are very helpful and made the visits enjoyable!


10 Star Recommendation

After several years of limited and sporadic attempts to find a solution for my chronic lower back pain, with the urging of family and friends, I contacted Advanced Chiropractic for care.

I was first seen by Dr. Kyle’s assistant and then by Dr. Kyle Wertin for evaluation. In less than 4 weeks of treatment, my problem has been alleviated. An ongoing treatment plan has been developed to keep the situation under control, though I am still adjusting to life without pain.

Advanced Chiropractic is a first-class operation. Wonderful customer service, quality care and management, along with an effervescent staff.

At advanced Chiropractic, there is a sense of more than being cared for, it is a place of being cared about. 10 star recommendation.


I Felt as If I Was Reborn

I had back surgery one year ago and while my back is now okay I have been deathly ill for a year.

I was unable to make it from one room to the next while being; extremely nauseous, short of breath, dizzy, had weak leg strength and wanted to pass out. I have been all over to Dr.’s at different hospitals but nobody was able to figure out what was wrong.

Every time we did blood work the markers were all in normal range. I said to God, “I know you’re going to heal me. But it’s not in my time, it’s in your time.” I even thought it was something in my home making me sick. I said, “Jesus just direct me to where I need to go for help and I’ll go”.

I used to see Dr. Mary and felt as if he led me back to her. After my first treatment, I felt as if I was reborn. The dizziness and nausea was gone. It’s like I had never been sick.

Thank you God and Dr. Mary I am whole again!


I Haven’t Felt This Good in a Long Time

I came into Dr. Jessica’s office with a lot of pain, I was walking at a slant and could barely turn my neck. I had several knots around my shoulders.

After only my first visit, I am walking upright and now have little to no knots in my shoulder. I am able to turn my neck and generally sit much straighter. I haven’t felt this good in a long time.

Thank You Dr. Jessica!


Almost Immediate Relief

I have been dealing with T.M.J. and migraines for the past few months.

I have been to doctors and the dentist for the issues and no results. All I could do to cope with the pain and suffering was over the counter medicine every two to four hours even at night time and I would use ice as well.

My dentist referred me to Dr. Jessica so I decided to give Chiropractic a try.

I knew that I wouldn’t see immediate results, but I did feel a little discouraged that after my third adjustment I wasn’t having the results that I anticipated or would have liked.

I talked with Dr. Jessica and continued with treatments and after the fourth and fifth adjustment I began to see results. I now can go almost all day without any type of medication and I am getting a full night sleep!!! I was skeptical but after seeing the results, I will continue to come.

There is nothing like being in constant pain! I am SO relieved to be having pain free days and nights. AMAZING! I have even shared the results with co-workers, especially ones I know who have suffered from migraines too.

I came in one day for an appointment and had a migraine that medicine and ice weren’t touching. After visiting with Dr. Jessica, I had almost immediate relief and walked out with just a dull ache that quickly went away! I will most definitely continue with chiropractic care and I recommend it to my friends and family!


I Had Tried Everything

It has been seven or more years that I have been suffering from an achy back, migraines, sharp dull pain in my shoulders, back and neck. I had tried everything before coming into Advanced Chiropractic, walking, working out, pain relief patches, nothing seemed to help.

I lived daily on ibuprofen. Now I am able to more freely, sleep at night and do the things I enjoy doing pain free!

Dr. Jessica, and the staff are absolutely wonderful!


I Can Ride and Walk With No Pain!

Back in the 80’s in Saint Joseph, MO, I started seeing Dr. Mary for intense headaches & neck pain. She was able to cure both and I have not had a headache like that since! Last Spring of 2019 I started having neck pain and left shoulder numbness. I had been to a different chiropractor as I had moved to Paola, KS.

The pain worsened after a few visits to the other chiropractor. I ended up with an MRI and was told that I needed a neck fusion. There were three disks in my lower back that I was told were in very bad shape. In order to see which ones were causing the pain I did two nerve blocks in my neck.

I have a passion for being very active and riding horses but was unable to ride due to the pain. It was getting worse and I did not want to end up having a surgery if at all possible. The nerve blocks did not hit the right spots and because I was still hesitant about having surgery I decided to take a shot at finding Dr. Mary again. I did not know that she lived in Lawrence! As soon as I found out that she was close I made an appointment for my husband and I.

Now I am pain free! She was even able to fix my foot which had numb toes for the last three years! I thought it was nerve damage! I feel so much better and can ride and walk with no pain! I am so glad that she is close by! Dr. Mary has made my life pain free again!


My Life Has Changed So Much

I have been seeing Dr. Jessica for awhile now and I have had some very difficult issues with my back. She has always helped me to the fullest with my back problem and beyond. On May 29th I had just been seen by Dr. Jessica and not more than two hours later I was involved in a rear-end car accident, I called to get myself in to Dr. Jessica as soon as possible.

I was seen in the Emergency room after the accident and was told it was whiplash, knowing the extent of my back issues they did not do an MRI or X-RAY nor did they tell me I had a concussion. They just told me to take these pills and sent me on my way.

When I went to see Dr. Jessica, she told me I had a concussion and whiplash, thankfully with me just being seen earlier before the accident my back held up pretty good, after several visits she had me back to normal (or as normal as can be for me). I was feeling pretty good, then I fell off of my deck and was right back to see Dr, Jessica, I was in a lot of pain and it took awhile but she had me fixed up and feeling better. When I started seeing Dr. Jessica back in 2017. I believe it was, I could hardly walk. Walking was a very big challenge, I would often fall quite a bit.

I was not sleeping well, the basic things in life were really wearing my down like brushing my hair or untying a knot, holding a pan with food in it. All of those things were a challenge for me. Once I started seeing Dr. Jessica and I started to make changes in the medicine I was taking and the food I was eating (which she was a great help with this as well) I started to feel better physically and mentally. I was able to start walking my dogs again and I could brush my hair without being in pain. I was just feeling better all the way around.

Since the first time I saw Dr. Jessica my life has changed so much, I still have bad days where I hurt and I have a hard time with things but even my bad days now are better than my good days were before I started seeing Dr. Jessica.

Dr. Jessica is wonderful and I would recommend her to anyone, I can’t say enough about how she has helped me live a better life with the medical issues I face.

Thank You Dr. Jessica!


I Couldn’t Ask for a More Caring Doctor

I came into see Dr. Jessica with knee pain and an awful pain in my hip that was a ten on the pain scale. I also had shooting pain into my hamstring and calf. I was miserable!

I came to Dr. Jessica for a few visits and within that time she had me back up to feeling my best.

I hadn’t tried much to relieve the pain, I knew that the best help would come from seeing her.

I always appreciate the care she takes with us and due to our one and a half hour drive to see her I always know that she will take the time needed for me before leaving her office.

I couldn’t ask for a more caring doctor to be taking care of me and I will always be grateful that she is able to get our family in on the same day.

Thanks Dr. Jessica for always being there for my family when we need you!


My Neck Doesn’t Bother Me at All

I started coming to Dr. Mary after I fell out of the shower. I hit my head on the cabinet and just did a real number on my neck and shoulders. When I started treatment my pain level was a five constantly and after treatment my neck only hurt when I turned it to the left and now after a month of treatment my neck doesn’t bother me at all.

I also saw Dr. Mary for a sports injury when I was 11 on my thumb. It had bothered me for 20 years and being my dominant thumb, it was a real bother. Since being treated I can write again with it and am back to normal use. I do my follow up visits and Dr. Mary takes care of whatever I do or don’t know is going on with my body at the time.


Helps me Stay Active

I first started with Dr. Mary in 2012 due to hip discomfort I was having associated with sitting at a desk most of the day. Besides treatment she has given me recommendations that have helped me avoid the discomfort.

I have had other injuries and soreness over the years from various sports and yard activities. Dr. Mary is always attentive to what is bothering me and providing treatments when I need them. Her regular care helps me stay active and allows me to do the things I want without pain. I am very grateful for the care Dr. Mary has provided!



First of all, I must apologize to all the staff up front for being sour when I walked in the door on my first session. I have been in pain for years! I didn’t realize that this isn’t a part of getting older!

I began today my fourth session with a HUGE thank you to Dr. Chris! I am walking in heels!! My knee pain…..WHAT PAIN?? My back is tender but nowhere near where it was previously.

Thank you again for helping me feel so much better!

I am a walking business card and feel even my eyes shine brighter because I feel better. Thank you for giving me my life back!!


Best Place I Have Ever Been

Best place I have ever been to help with my sciatic nerve pain. I have been coming here for more than ten years. They have really helped me live without pain.


Everything Was Challenging

My whole body was a mess. Everything was a challenge to do. I had to take breaks cleaning the house and driving. I couldn’t turn my neck and couldn’t take long trips. Walking was one of my favorite types of exercise, but I couldn’t go very far. Since I’ve been to Dr. Eric, I have my life back. I can do anything. I can even get down on the floor and play with my four legged friend, Tripp, again. I feel like I can do anything. Thanks, Dr. Eric. You are the greatest!

Ready to Take on The World

There are so many times Dr. Eric has brought me out of a lot of pain. I can hardly walk when I come in and am so much better when I leave. Sometimes it takes more than one visit, but he will get you fixed up. I have had back, neck and shoulder problems but he brings them back to being able to function again. Most of the time, I feel really great after a treatment and ready to take on the world.

This Place is Awesome

I can’t express how wonderful and kind the entire office is! Dr. Kyle has relieved pain and stiffness in my neck and back that I thought I would have to “just live with.” This place is awesome.


I Feel Great!

I have had back pain for a very long time! I just thought that it was normal. Then I had a pain down my leg to the point I couldn’t work or stand or even walk!

I was told to get surgery from everyone except my neighbor. She said to give Dr. Chris a try and that he could help after a few visits.

I am better now! I feel great! ALL the people here are really nice! I love this place!


Will Definitely Recommend

I was having low back & neck pain and stiffness when I first came in.

I had a major decrease in these symptoms after the first adjustment. Within two weeks, I was feeling great and pain free. Dy. Kyle and the staff have been wonderful. I was provided with details about their process in the office and adjustments, which made it all understandable and a stress free experience.

Thank you to Dr. Kyle and the staff. I appreciate your treatment and care and will definitely recommend your practice to others!


I Can Live Without Pain

When I first came in to see Dr. Mary I was in so much pain. I had been struggling with back pain, but didn’t seek out treatment until my mom encouraged me to come here. My first treatment Dr. Mary did a full exam and helped me over the next few weeks so I could get back to doing my daily activities and exercises. For the next two years I came in regularly to get treatment. In that time and with help from Dr. Mary, my back got much stronger and healthy.

Now I can stand at work. My back and hips are happy and I can workout, dance, and live without pain.

Thanks so much Mary!


I Have Absolutely No Pain Anymore

I had never been to the Chiropractor before in my life. To be honest, I was skeptical about it.

Well one morning, I was doing a workout and knew exactly when I hurt my back. I couldn’t move, had trouble getting dressed, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t sit down, etc. I let this go on for only one day and knew I needed to do something.

I have family members that go to a Chiropractor, and swear by it, so I said “Why not?” Anything has to be better than this pain.

After a couple of weeks of visits to Dr. Kyle, I have absolutely no pain anymore. I am so thankful for Dr. Kyle! I am able to do everyday activities with no pain now.

I will continue to come to Dr. Kyle to make sure I do not get back to that!


I Can Do Everything I Used to Do

I came to see Dr. Jessica after a fall. I had trouble walking, had to use a cane, and spent the biggest part of my day in bed. This is not my usual self. My grandchildren and children were very worried about me, because I take care of them a lot and was not able to do that.

NOW … after being treated by Dr. Jessica I can stand up straight, I don’t need to use my cane, and I can go see my grandchildren. I can do everything I used to do before my accident; play with my grandchildren, play with my dog, take walks, and even back to doing some light housekeeping.

Dr. Jessica has been the most beneficial caregiver in my experience, and I am more than grateful. I still have a few aches and pains but the injury from falling is so much better, and my legs are so much stronger.

She has lowered my pain level without the use of pharmaceuticals. She is wonderful.


I Feel Much Better

I was in a car accident and had an injury to the back of my head, neck, and my lower back. I immediately called and got an appointment to start seeing Dr. Jessica after the accident.

I feel much better now due to the adjustments she has given me, I am improving from these injuries and recovering well from my visits.

I appreciate that I was able to get in and start treatments for my injuries quickly. I appreciate your flexibility with scheduling and all that Dr. Jessica has done for me.

Thank You Dr. Jessica!


I Have Indeed Been Blessed

I started coming to Dr. Eric on 12/18/15. My knees and back were in constant pain. It was very hard for me to walk or be comfortable. I took a large amount of “over the counter” pain relievers. Dr. Eric brought relief to me and encouraged water and exercise for my joints. I have had a hip and knee replacement because of massive bone spurs.

Dr. Eric has supplemented my physical therapy after each procedure and enabled me to participate in family activities and enjoy trips in this country and overseas. Dr. Eric’s positive manner and encouragement have not only enriched my physical life but enabled me to have a positive attitude. I have indeed been blessed.

I Felt Like A Cripple

I’m amazed at how much better I feel! When I first saw Dr. Mary just 3 weeks ago I felt like a cripple. My back hurt to walk, sit, and even lay down. I couldn’t turn my head to either side without great pain.

After just a few adjustments, I’m back to normal! I’m sure a much safer driver now that I can look over my shoulder to see who’s there!!

All the staff is fantastic and friendly!


Now Have a Happy, Healthy, Smiling Baby!

My newborn daughter had severe colic of unknown origin according to the pediatrician. She would cry, grunt and groan constantly. We were told “it will eventually go away” and to basically just deal with the non-stop crying until then. We had Dr. Eric adjust her. After 3 weekly adjustments, there was a noticeable difference in her demeanor. She cried less and slept more peacefully. Dr. Eric’s support was a life saver! I felt so helpless before we started taking her to him. We now have a happy, healthy, smiling baby!


I Cannot Thank Her Enough!

Before coming to see Dr. Jessica, I was barely able to walk, my hands were so swollen I could not wear my wedding ring. My entire body was inflamed, and I hurt from my head to my feet
I was in this shape for well over four years.

I was being seen by several doctors that provided me with no answers. I felt as if I was dying. I was on about twelve different medications and none of them helped me feel better.

I started seeing Dr. Jessica and made some changes with my food and quit taking most of the medication.

Since seeing Dr. Jessica, I can walk without any pain, my neck doesn’t hurt anymore, and I can wear my wedding ring again. The inflammation is gone!

Dr. Jessica made a huge difference in my life all for the better and I cannot thank her enough!


You All Rock!

Dr. Eric for President! I came in after an accident; he got me right in! the ladies in the front are so great! Dr. Eric explained everything in detail and took his time. He truly cares and it is so appreciated. I came in for my shoulder, and he has put this puzzle back together again! Thanks, Dr. Eric and team! You all rock!

Can Finally Exercise

This is my first experience with a Chiropractor and I have been surprised and very pleased with my results.

Dr Kyle takes time each appointment to explain what is happening in my body and has patiently answered all my questions. My neck and lower back pain have both been resolved. I am most excited about the improvement in my knee! After having pain and swelling for over 10 years, I can finally exercise and run with no swelling or concern for injury.

I am thankful for this vast improvement and will continue to visit Dr Kyle for any other issues that arise.

Thank you Dr Kyle!


I Feel Much Better Now

When I came to see Dr. Jessica I had been having sciatic pain for about three years. I was trying to help it by using ice, muscle relaxers and rest. Nothing was helping and I thought I was just going to have to live with it.

After my first visit, I knew I had found someone that was going to help me. I feel much better now, her treatment plan helped me a lot as I have less pain daily. I will continue to see her to help keep my body pain free. Thank You Dr. Jessica!


Changed My Life

I originally came here two years ago in desperation. I suffered from small bowel obstruction due to adhesions and never knew when I would suffer an episode. an “episode” meant hospitalization for 1-3 days, morphine and an NGA tube- NOT FUN! Since coming here (and exercising a little more), I have not had to be hospitalized once for this problem. I believe Dr. Eric’s ability to keep me aligned and open has had a lot to do with this! I appreciate all he has done. He has changed my life!

No Pain!

Two months ago I came to Advanced Chiropractic Services to see Dr. Chris Wertin.

I was like one of those cars that should have been on a scrap heap. Permanent headaches, numb lower back and sore knees. I had done a lot of long haul flying as a passenger and it was a good twelve hours of pain.

Well, that all changed the day I came here! In four visits, zero headaches! Unbelievable! Four more visits and I can sit comfortably and walk comfortably. Literally, no pain!

A concussion I got at the age of seven years old was found and fixed by Dr. Chris. He is a miracle maker! This has changed my life! The staff here are so friendly and nice and professional! They make you feel so welcome!

Thank you so very, very, very much! I have told many people about you guys, including all my friends and family in New Zealand and Oz! LOL!!


Started to Live Again!

Back in 2007 I had an accident falling down from a six foot scaffolding and landed on the right side of my head. I had an MRI done and there was a hairline crack in my skull, but nothing major the doctor said. Four years after that I had another accident and it was the same thing. I fell from a six foot scaffold and hit the same side of my head. Ever since I have been feeling numbness on that part of my head and I started to lose my hair like crazy!

I visited different doctors (chiropractor and neurologist) but no answer on what I was going through. I also did acupuncture which did release a lot of the tension in my head.

I have always been looking and trying whatever I think would help me. I was telling my story to my cousin and that’s when she told me about Dr. Chris and his technique that he uses to heal people. I decided to give it a try and I went to see him. And yes, he said he can help me! Thank god!!

The first time I saw him he said that my entire body was like a dry, twisted rag and that was exactly how I was feeling! Now, I thank God that I found him and my recovery has been amazing! That dry twisted rag body is no more twisted and I am able to breathe and have started to live again!

First, I thank God and then Dr. Chris for putting his hands on me!


Very Caring, Compassionate, and Sincere

I had come to Advanced Chiropractic Services after calling around and looking for services specializing in care after a car accident. I decided to come to this facility and to specifically see Dr. Mary Huss after my conversation on the phone. I was very pleased with not only the services provided, but the plans I was given to assist my body with healing outside of the appointments.

Dr. Mary is very caring, compassionate, and sincere with making sure I was healing properly. After instant relief from my first visit, I was sure then that my choice of care from this facility was a great decision.

Thank you to all the staff and to Dr. Mary for making my traumatic car accident experience a better one with all the care and compassion you all provide.


I Never Would Have Believed It Before

I was dealing with some terrible lower back pain. I could hardly stand still or sit for any length of time.

I was very reluctant to go to a Chiropractor and had never been to one before, but I had few options left. In a matter of weeks with Dr. Kyle my back was almost 100% again. I never would have believed it before.

I am so thankful to him and his team.


Walked My Son Down the Aisle

I was recommended to Advanced Chiropractic Services by my Chiropractor in Connecticut. I was nervous about visiting someone new, however I was in intense pain and had a week before my son was getting married. I was completely unsure that I would be able to walk him down the aisle.

From the moment I walked in the front door, I felt welcomed and safe. The scheduling staff are fantastic and welcoming. Dr. Kyle’s assistant is calm, caring and patient. Dr. Kyle was very attentive as well. He scheduled many visits with me that week and he was always steady, calm and shared the perfect amount of communication and feedback.

I walked my son down the aisle and danced the most beautiful mother-son dance I could have imagined. I come back to Kansas every couple of months and I can honestly say Dr. Kyle will be one of my first stops. Thank you so much!


The Relief I Experienced Was Beyond Anything I’d Ever Felt Before

Dr. Chris Wertin is in a league of his own. I’m 51 years old and have had countless chiropractic adjustments since I was 20 and no one was able to really pinpoint the cause of my low back pain and migraines. Within ten minutes, Dr. Chris locked in on the cause—two injuries in my youth. The relief I experienced from the adjustment was beyond anything I’d ever felt before. Dr. Chris is THE doc for chiropractic!


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