Among the general population, piriformis syndrome is not a common complaint. But among runners or athletes, piriformis syndrome is quite common and even disabling.

The piriformis muscle is a small muscle which runs from the back of the pelvis to the top of the femur (thigh bone). When this muscle is irritated and inflamed, it applies pressure to the sciatic nerve which runs from the hip all the way down the leg. When both the muscle and nerve are involved in creating pain, it’s referred to as “piriformis syndrome.”

Piriformis Syndrome in Runners

This syndrome is more frequent among any athletes who must run during training or performance of their sports. The pain in the buttocks and leg can be intense and drive an athlete into inactivity while they try to let the muscle heal.

Can a chiropractor help piriformis syndrome? Yes, chiropractic is effective in improving recovery from piriformis syndrome. Dr. Chris Wertin has taken his healing techniques for this problem to an entirely new level, however.

Early in Dr. Chris’ career, he devoted intensive research to discovering why some patients did not recover speedily as a result of traditional chiropractic treatment. He developed innovative methods of applying the Activator Method to cases such as piriformis syndrome from running.

Dr. Wertin Helps Professional and Amateur Athletes

The demand for this method of sports chiropractic has led to Dr. Chris offering this service as a specialty to major athletic organizations. He has helped current and former professional basketball players, Olympic champions and college and high school athletes recover from these injuries or boost their performance. In these circles, he is known as a highly skilled chiropractor for piriformis syndrome.

Whether you are a weekend athlete or a professional, a businessperson or a full-time parent, if you suffer from piriformis syndrome, Dr. Chris can help you get back on your feet and into your normal activity. Please call us to schedule a consultation to learn how we can help: (785) 842-4181.

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